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Milestones, Dec. 31, 1934

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Married. Lady Moira Mary Forbes, 24, niece of Ogden Mills, grandniece of the late Mrs. Whitelaw Reid; and Comte Louis de Brantes, 34; at Castle Forbes, Newtown Forbes, Irish Free State. Three weeks ago Russian Princess Nadejda Scherbatoff sued Groom de Brantes for $65,000 damages allegedly incurred in bearing him a daughter (TIME, Dec. 17).

Married. Commander Charles Emery Rosendahl, 42, ranking survivor of the Shenandoah dirigible crash, who has flown more hours (4,000) in lighter-than-aircraft than any other U. S. flyer; and Jean Wilson, 32, Los Angeles department store buyer; in Manhattan.

Divorced. James Paul Warburg, vice chairman of Bank of the Manhattan Co., sometime Brain Truster, lyricist (“Can’t We Be Friends?”); by Katharine Swift Warburg, composer for his lyrics; in Reno. Grounds: extreme cruelty, uncontested.

Acquitted. Martin John Insull, 65, of a charge by the State of Illinois that he embezzled $344,720 from Middle West Utilities of which he once was president; in Chicago.

Died. Mary Harriman Rumsey, 53, chairman of NRA’s Consumers’ Advisory Board, eldest daughter of the late Edward Henry Harriman; of injuries sustained six weeks ago when her horse fell on her during a hunt; in Washington. An intensely energetic organizer, she was a founder of such diverse bodies as the Junior League (with Anna Eleanor Roosevelt). Manhattan’s swank Colony Club, the Community Councils for National Defense (later to become the charitarian Community Councils), the Eastern Livestock Co-operative Marketing Association. In 1910 she married polo-playing Sculptor Charles Carey Rumsey, who was killed twelve years later in an automobile accident. An early & generous supporter of Roosevelt, she became, with her good friend Frances Perkins, one of the important women in his New Deal.

Died. Eugene Robert Black, 61, lately resigned Governor of the Federal Reserve Board; of a heart attack; in Atlanta, Ga. In 1923, after 27 years of law practice, he accepted the presidency of Atlanta Trust Co., later became Governor of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank. A conservative with a pungent turn of tongue, he predicted the Crash, gained national note in 1930 when he scolded the Investment Bankers Association for refusing to retrench in the face of Depression. In May 1933 President Roosevelt picked him to succeed Eugene Meyer as head of the Federal Reserve. He resigned last August, continued as liaison man between White House & bankers until his death.

Died. Dr. Augustus Field Beard, 101, oldest living Yale graduate (Class of 1857), oldest living Christian minister in the U. S.; of old age; in Norwalk, Conn,

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