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The Press: Cleveland Contract

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Ohio’s late great Marcus Alonzo (“Mark”) Hanna fathered one son and one newspaper. In 1910, the son, Daniel Rhodes Hanna, acquired what was left of the newspaper, which had been absorbed in the Cleveland News. Later he handed the News on to his three sons, Daniel Jr., Carl & Mark. Last week big, blond Dan Hanna Jr., who worked his way up from pressroom apprentice to publisher, did something his grandfather would have approved. He signed an employment contract with the American Newspaper Guild.

The Cleveland contract with the Guild is the second of its kind in the land.* It provides a 40-hour five-day week, a minimum wage of $40 a week for newsmen and photographers with four years experience, a 10%pay rise for employes now receiving between $40 and $50 a week, three months pay for dismissed employes who have worked for the News nine years or more. Having secured so much, the Guild did not insist upon its supreme point—a closed shop.

*First was with Julius David Stern’s Philadelphia Record.

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