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RUMANIA: Old Tutor on Royal Sin

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The facts of life are supposed to have been first related to Rumania’s buck-toothed Carol by his juicy young tutor, Professor Nicholas Jorga. Today juicy old Senator Nicholas Jorga, loaded with honors by the Crown, still rates as perhaps the No. 1 smutty story-teller in a nation of smutty storytellers. Up last week stood Old Tutor Jorga to raise boldly in Rumania’s Senate the issue created by His Majesty in continuing to live in open sin with a Jewish wench. To many a U. S. newsreader King Carol’s liaison with red-headed Magda Lupescu is only a spicy tidbit cooked up by sexational tabloids, but as a matter of fact in intensely anti-Semitic Rumania their relationship is a real and burning national issue.

Earlier in the week Rumania’s great peasant leader, Dr. Juliu Maniu, had given fair warning that he would orate upon royal sin in the Chamber of Deputies. Promptly the censor suppressed this speech, but its contents soon leaked out. Dr. Maniu had been about to reveal that as Premier he consented to Carol’s return, and to the ending of the regency for Boy King Mihai (TIME, June 16, 1930), solely on the strength of promises made by Mistress Lupescu. Read his suppressed speech in part: “She declared ‘My role has been that of Carol’s solace in exile. I nursed him when he was ill and inspired him with courage. Now I will vanish forever from his life.’ Such was the promise of this woman to myself as Premier and to the National Peasant Party. We have seen how she has forgotten her promise. The situation is intolerable!”

In the suppressed speech Dr. Maniu in tended to say further that he had counted, as Premier, upon a reconciliation between King Carol and the wife he abandoned for jolly Wench Lupescu, beauteous Queen Helen, the cousin of the Duchess of Kent. “It was our purpose after this reconciliation had been effected,” Dr. Maniu would have said if he could, “to proceed to the joint coronation of Their Majesties.”

Instead it has been necessary for Eng land’s King George V to extend his protection to Outcast Helen. By the King-Emperor’s command she was invited to Marina’s wedding and King Carol was ostentatiously snubbed (TIME, Dec. 3).

When Old Tutor Jorga rose last week to address the greybeards of the Rumanian Senate, they assumed that, as usual, his sallies would be spicy. For once Jorga spoke fairly seriously: “If His Majesty has sinned it is because he is human. Whoever gossips about a woman is vulgar and mean, and whoever thinks of the King as other than a ruler is out of order. Dabbling in gossip is unworthy of statesmen and characteristic of knaves and servants. All we have a right to demand of the King is that he know thoroughly the needs of the country. It is false doctrine to assert that the King should not even love someone who is helpful and devoted to him ! ”

Finally came the laugh-provoking quip for which the Rumanian Senators were waiting. They all understood juicy Jorga to be referring to ascetic Bachelor Julius Maniu when he crushingly concluded: “People who do not sin usually do not sin because they are not able!”

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