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FALLING STAR—Vicki Baum—Double-day, Doran ($2). This translation of Hollywood into terms of romance should please many a reader, including even Hollywoodland sprites. German Authoress Baum has enough gusto to invest even tinselly happenings with glamour, though her sugary Teutonic melodrama should be taken with a heaping teaspoonful of salt. Donka Morescu, who had been a star of the silent cinema, was just staging a last comeback. Her beauty was at its fullest bloom, her ambition straining at the traces. Donka was happy. Her lover was Oliver Dent, Hollywood’s greatest star, at the peak of his career. Until their work separated them their affair was as smooth as celluloid. While Oliver tried to rest before his next picture, Donka slaved, had little time or inclination for him at the end of her crowded day. But she found time to save an old pal from committing suicide by taking him into her bed. Oliver found them together. Donka tried to patch it up, but Oliver had been hit too hard. Besides he was dying from an obscure stomach complaint. Operated on too late, he kept calling for Donka. When her picture was finished she hurried to him, but Oliver was dead.

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