Miscellany: Deal

In Chicago, when a gunman held up Fruiterer Nicholas Ramos, he did not notice that in pulling out his gun he also pulled out a $10 bill, which fell on the floor. The gunman took $3 from the cash register, departed. Nicholas Ramos picked up the $10, rang up $7.


In Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden, on the Jewish Purim Festival (March 11), Jewess Katherine Spector, 19. Bayonne, N. J. piano teacher, was crowned “Prettiest U. S. Jewess” and 1933 “Queen Esther” of the Jewish National Workers’ Alliance after a national contest. The festival’s profits will go toward, teaching young Jews Judaism, sending Queen Spector to Palestine & back.


In Evansville, Ind., Raymond Woods, 21, snapped at a grain of popcorn he had tossed into the air, caught it in his mouth, fell unconscious to the ground. A doctor found he had snapped a neck vertebra out of place.


In New York City, a 56-mi. gale sang around the skyscrapers; knocked off the cover of a roof water tank showering a dozen women in the building’s elevator; puffed out a truck’s tarpaulin, overturning the truck; whisked a woman’s hoarded wealth out of her petticoat pocket; blew a painter out of his saddle high up in the cables of Brooklyn Bridge; blew the S. S. Deutschland broadside against the head of a Hudson River pier; blew homebound Warren S. Coyle’s automobile off the road into a stone wall in New Jersey, killing Coyle.

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