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Miscellany: Hoch

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At Potsdam, Germany, a man was arrested for greeting the Republican flag with catcalls and groans. His defense: that when he had cried “Hoch!” he had swallowed his cigaret, that the supposed catcalls were “reflex regurgitation.” His sentence: three weeks in jail.


Near Los Angeles Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Tarpley were motoring with their two daughters, Marjorie, 3 mo., and Catherine, 2. At the top of a precipitous hill the motor coughed; Mr. & Mrs. Tarpley got out to fix it. As they walked to the front of the auto, its emergency brake slipped; it started backward toward the edge of a 200-ft. canyon. Mr. & Mrs. Tarpley held on hard, were dragged to the canyon, were forced to let go, saw the car careen and spin downward, killing Marjorie Tarpley, only bruising Catherine.


At White Plains, N. Y., Frank Beattie, 24, went to an office where his girl worked as a stenographer, pleaded with her to marry him. She refused. He drew a pistol from his pocket, discharged a blank cartridge against his chest. Frank Beattie was arrested for violating a fireworks ordinance.


At Evansville, Ind.. Virginia Lynenback, nervous about leaving her window open, put a revolver under her pillow before going to sleep. A thief cut through the window-screen, entered the room, stole Virginia Lynenback’s watch, purse, revolver.


At Platteville. Wis., James Rickard, motoring, stuck out his hand to signify that he was going to turn. A zipping auto rushed up up from behind, broke James Rickard’s outstretched arm.


Near Chicago Richard Stanley Thompson, 4, went wading, got in too deep, was brought out lifeless. When artificial respiration failed, his father, Traffic Manager Stanley Thompson of Transamerican Airline Corp. in Chicago, was notified. Father Thompson seized a pulmotor. leapt into an airplane, rushed to the scene, after an hour’s stubborn work restored his son to life.


At Nice, France, Charles Rancurel, sent to Devil’s Island as an incorrigible burglar in 1915, who escaped in 1924. was recaptured in 1926 and who escaped again in 1928, walked into an almost certain trap at his mother’s doorstep. Arrested, he cried: “Let me see mother just once before she dies, and I’ll be satisfied! I am through escaping!”

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