Animals: Turtle

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In a Manhattan apartment, two one-inch turtles were kept in a glass bowl by Peter Mathews. writer. One of the turtles was named Kalmikoff (after the Russian wrestler) because he repeatedly escaped from the bowl by scrambling to the back of his companion, hoisting himself over the edge. Replaced three times, Kalmikoff escaped once more, disappeared. Four days later, one-inch Kalmikoff was discovered at the street door of the apartment house, four floors below his bowl. There is no elevator in the building.


In Chicago, Mrs. Rose Amato saved two dollars every week, hid them carefully on the top shelf of her candy store. Last week her son Johnny, 13, snooping and grunting like a small pig, found his mother’s savings—$3,000.

Four hours later, small Johnny Amato was taken to a police station. Of his mother’s $3,000, he had spent all but $92 on ice cream, pastry, candy, bicycles, roller skates, coaster wagons for himself and friends, to whom he also distributed $10 and $20 tips. For his mother, whose store his friends patronized with the money he had given them, he bought a pair of roller skates. Mrs. Amato hoped to retrieve $500 which Pig Johnny had left on deposit at another candy store nearby.

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