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People, Jul. 20, 1931

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“Names make news.” Last week the, following names made the (allowing news:

Young President Robert Maynard

Hutchins of the University of Chicago was contemplating a vacation in the Adriatic. Knowing that James Joseph (“Gene”) Tunney had honeymooned at the Island of Brioni. he put in a long distance telephone call to ask Major Tunney about it. The operator reported: “We are sorry, but Mr. Tunney’s secretary reports Mr. Tunney does not speak to Chicago.” Later in the week. Major Tunney called Dr. Hutchins, gushingly apologized, told him all about Brioni.

Dashing in her automobile through Wyoming, Iowa at a speed of 45 m. p. h. Mrs-Burton Kendall Wheeler, wife of the Senator from Montana, was arrested, fined $12.50. Indignantly, ignorantly she protested: “My husband helps to make the laws of the nation and I am immune from arrest!”

Last week a grizzly bear ransacked the Burton Kendall Wheelers’ summer home in Glacier National Park.

From a certain common kind of Brittany seaweed, Frank Jay Gould announced that he soon expected to be able to extract gold.

“I’m trying to educate the Gypsies in America—stop their child marriages and keep them from telling fortunes.” said King Stephen III of the Gypsy House of Kaslov, “ruler” of 10,000 people scattered about the U. S. He was pleading for leniency in the case of his son, Prince Willie, 17, husband of the Princess Roslo,* before a Newark court where the Prince had been arraigned for auto-stealing after a long, prodigal wandering away from his home. After promising to put a guard over Willie, King Stephen obtained his parole. Jan Felix Piccard, twin brother of Stratospherist Prof. Auguste Piccard,

passed his tests for U. S. citizenship at Morristown, N. J. Meantime, Stratospherist Piccard flew from Zurich to Paris in an airplane, his first plane flight, complained of the bumpy air of low altitudes.

Writer Hendrik Willem Van Loon

arrived in Manhattan and disclosed that Hendrik Willem Van Loon Jr., a resident of Paris, is going to become an interpretative dancer. Said Father Van Loon: “It was hard to learn of this.” But he said he told his son: “Otto Kahn let his son [Roger Wolff] do as he wished [lead bands, fly airplanes] and so I’ll let you do as you wish, and become an interpretative dancer.”

Roared William Hale (“Big Bill”) Thompson, ousted Chicago mayor: “Politics? Haven’t given it a thought, Bud! I’m learning to loaf for the first time in my life and it’s a pretty agreeable pastime, once you get the hang of the darned thing.”

In a speech on extension of the Government’s rural housing program before the House of Commons, Megan Lloyd George had occasion to make a fast mental calculation. She announced the result with the qualification: “If my arithmetic is correct?” Her father, famed David Lloyd George, said: “Right.” Replied Daughter Megan: “I thank my right honorable friend.”

Alone on his ranch 75 mi. from San Diego, Calif. Chainstoreman James Cash Penney was seized with acute appendicitis. By chance one Fred Steves was trying out an airplane overhead. Mr. Penney rushed into one of his fields, waved his arms wildly. Down came Fred Steves, hurried Mr. Penney to the hospital.

Mrs, Karl Bickel, wife of the president of United Press, going ashore from Chain-publisher Frank Ernest Gannett’s yacht Widgeon at Summerville, N. Y. (on Lake Ontario) after a holiday cruise, stepped into dark space, plumped into the water. Alert Publisher Gannett, 54, dived after her, brought her to the surface.

The Supreme Court of the District of Columbia refused to suspend sentence on Albert Bacon Fall, Harding-time Secretary of the Interior, convicted of accepting a bribe while in office, sentenced to a fine of $100,000 and a year in jail. But Judge Thomas J. Bailey recommended, in view of an Army medical report that Mr. Fall was suffering from chronic tuberculosis, chronic pleurisy, heart trouble and arthritis, that counsel apply to have the sentence changed to a year-&-a-day. That would give the U. S. Attorney-General power to select for ailing Convict Fall a jail outside the hot District of Columbia. Convict Fall gladly agreed.

*A Rocky Mountain girl for whom the King was rumored to have paid $3,000. Prince Willie’s wanderings were said to have been induced by the King’s refusal to pay $3,500 for a princess from Chicago.

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