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Foreign News: London First

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In the London Times, into which he dips his own nose every day except Sunday,* George V perceived last week that Greater London, his royal and imperial footstool, still has most noses (8,202,818).

Quietly jubilant, British editors recalled that Greater New York nose-counters when they last went forth found only 6.930.446 (1,272,372 less than London’s score last week).†

Liverpool, which the King Emperor has known throughout his reign as England’s second nosiest city, went down last week before Birmingham which is now the only English city except London with over 1,000.000 population.

Great Britain as a whole showed last week her largest population of all time— 44,790.485. Net loss of population by emigration in the ten-year period just closed was only 177,000, this being less than for either of the two previous decades and proving again that Britons, although great go-outers, are also great come-homers.

Perhaps because of almost unrestricted sale of Birth Control literature, Britain’s birth rate has now sunk below that of all other nations except Sweden, “where every child born is a wanted child.”

*There is no Sunday edition.

†To equal Greater London’s area, Greater New York (the five boroughs) would have to count noses throughout its “metropolitan area,” including New York State’s Westchester & Nassau Counties, New Jersey’s Hudson, Essex, Union & Bergen Counties. Total: 10,303,339.

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