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Numbers: Sep. 4, 2000

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Melissa August, Jeff Chu, Rachel Dry, Kathleen Earley, Michael Fitzgerald, Ellin Martens, Julie Rawe, Ursula Sautter, Josh Tyrangiel and Amelia Weiss

20% Substance abusers in treatment programs who have used drugs, other than alcohol, with their parents

1% Users in treatment who were introduced to drugs by a dealer, vs. 19% who started using with a relative

52 points Gap in scores between 17-year-old black students and white students on a national science test last year, up from 48 points in 1990

36 points Gap in reading-test scores between 17-year-old black students and white students whose parents had some college education, up from 27 points

4.26, 3.51, 3.26 Weight in pounds of the September issues of Vogue, W and INSTYLE

3.18 Weight in pounds of the 1999-00 Official Congressional Directory

49,124 Number of applicants for Survivor II, in contrast to 6,100 for the first series

10,000 Estimated number of applicants for the Peace Corps this year

Sources: Phoenix House; National Assessment of Educational Progress; New York Times; CBS; Peace Corps

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