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Campaign Pledge Drive: Week 10

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Melissa August, Val Castronovo, Rachel Dry, Daren Fonda, Michael Jackson, Ellin Martens, Benjamin Nugent, Michele Orecklin, Julie Rawe, John Rosenblatt and Josh Tyrangiel

BUSH BITES BACK It was a big week for George W. Dick Cheney proved Wednesday night that there’s no shame in getting competitive with Gore, and Bush the younger followed his lead. He took advantage of Gore’s silence (it’s Veep-picking time for him) and filled the convention hall with pledges. But is it too late? Al’s still a lap ahead.


–To put local people in charge of local schools –To abolish the “death tax” –To sign a bill banning partial-birth abortion –To uphold the honor and dignity of the presidency –To earn military’s respect –To promote alternatives to abortion –To help poor families find their own homes –To promote the teaching of abstinence in schools

Gore 58

–No pledges

The fine print: totals reflect pledges and proposals made beginning the week of May 29, 2000, when we first began tracking. This survey is not scientific.

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