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Numbers: Feb. 2, 2004

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10 Number of formal press conferences President Bush has held thus far

61 Number of formal press conferences his father had held at the same point in his presidency

1 Rank of Super Bowl Sunday, among all the days of the year, in pizza sales at the major U.S. pizza chains

20% Increase in frozen-pizza sales on Super Bowl Sunday

8 Hours of sleep an adult needs, according to a new study considered the first hard evidence that creativity and problem solving are directly linked to adequate sleep

70 million Americans who are sleep deprived, which leads to more accidents, worsening health and lower test scores

94% Percentage of U.S. 5-year-olds enrolled in kindergarten, up from 61% in 1965

74% Percentage of these kids who will finish high school on time if current graduation rates hold, down 4% from a decade ago

Sources: The Independent; USA Today; National Board on Educational Testing and Public Policy; Associated Press

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