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Milestones Dec. 31, 1999

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Melissa August, Erica Bray, Val Castronovo, Tam Gray, Daniel S. Levy, Ellin Martens, Desa Philadelphia, Julie Rawe, Alain Sanders, Chris Taylor and Josh Tyrangiel

PLEADED NOT GUILTY. AHMED RESSAM, 32, Algerian arrested near the Canadian border after bombmaking parts were found in his car; to charges of illegally carrying explosives and making false statements to customs authorities; in Seattle.

DESCENDED. JULIA (“Butterfly”) HILL, 25, environmental activist, after a 738-day treetop vigil to save a 600-year-old redwood from loggers; near Stafford, Calif. Hill left her 18-story-high perch after Pacific Lumber Co. agreed to spare the tree, located on company property.

DIED. TONY BRYANT, 60, Black Panther turned anti-communist who founded a short-lived, conservative black magazine after spending 11 years in a Cuban prison for hijacking a plane to Havana; of leukemia; in Miami. His 1984 book, Hijack, recounted his prison ordeal.

DIED. JOHN PATON DAVIES, 91; U.S. diplomat who unfairly lost his job in 1954 during Joseph McCarthy’s hunt to find out “Who lost China?” to the communists; in Asheville, N.C.

DIED. JURGEN MOSER, 71, renowned mathematician who advanced scientists’ understanding of how the solar system works and aided the development of particle accelerators; of cancer; in Zurich.

DIED. DESMOND LLEWELYN, 85, British actor who played the beleaguered gadget inventor Q in 17 James Bond films; in a car accident; in Firle, England. “In real life I’m allergic to gadgets,” Llewelyn said. “They just don’t work for me, not even those plastic cards for hotel-room doors.”

DIED. ROBERT BRESSON, 98, acclaimed film director whose emphasis on image over dialogue helped redefine French cinema; near Paris (see Eulogy).

DIED. HANK SNOW, 85, country music’s rhinestone-studded Singing Ranger, whose 1950 hit I’m Movin’ On was recorded in 36 languages; in Madison, Tenn. A regular at the Grand Ole Opry for nearly 50 years, Snow recorded more than 80 albums and in 1979 made the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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