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Numbers: Nov. 22, 1999

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Harriet Barovick, Val Castronovo, Mitchell Frank, Tam Gray, Desa Philadelphia, Julie Rawe, Hope Reeves, Chris Taylor and Owen Thomas

$5.47 billion Amount UPS raised in its IPO last week, largest in history

100 Shares owned by the average hourly UPS worker, worth $68,000 after one day of trading

414,000 Shares owned by UPS boss James Kelly, worth $31 million after one day of trading

29,305 ft. Revised height of Mount Everest as measured by satellite–7 ft. taller than we used to think

4,508 Number of Bill Bradleys it would take to top the new Everest

1 in 2.2 Chances of getting at least one award if you’re in the Army

1 in 16 Chances of getting an award if you’re in the Marines

14.25% One-time tax rate on people worth $10 million or more suggested by Donald Trump

$750 million How much tax the Donald would end up paying under his own plan

Sources: AP; Teamsters Union; National Geographic Survey; USA Today; New York Times

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