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A Boy and His Talking Man-Fish

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Harriet Barovick, Val Castronovo, Mitchell Frank, Tam Gray, Desa Philadelphia, Julie Rawe, Hope Reeves, Chris Taylor and Owen Thomas

By now you’re sick of seeing Pokemon on everything but cigarette lighters and medical supplies. But Japan isn’t done yet. Here’s a peek at some of the crazes coming soon to our shores. Hey, at least they’re not Hello Kitty.

SEAMAN A Sega Dreamcast game and the newest in virtual pets, the Seaman has a man’s head and a fish’s body, with voice recognition and Furby-like learning abilities.

ADDICTION POTENTIAL Imagine if you could have carried on intelligent conversation with your sea monkeys.

DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION Originally an arcade hit, the Sony PlayStation version lets dancers dance on a giant game pad with the characters onscreen.

ADDICTION POTENTIAL Could be a primer for kids looking for a rave.

DIJIMON Pokemon’s mean big brother. This game features tougher, more vicious digital monsters, and they’re already stomping across American TV screens.

ADDICTION POTENTIAL Young boys may love characters that can kick that Pikachu thing’s yellow butt.

YU-GI-O A trading card and Sony PlayStation game; kids collect warriors and dragons and face off in battle.

ADDICTION POTENTIAL How many hours did you play Dungeons & Dragons?

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