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Melissa August, Harriet Barovick, Autumn De Leon, Andrew Goldstein, Tam Gray, Daniel S. Levy, Michele Orecklin, James Poniewozik and Desa Philadelphia


This TV season brings a new challenge to couch jockeys: distinguishing the three series with titles that end in and Again. Here’s a channel guide–plus a helpful mnemonic–to relieve the again-y.

NOW AND AGAIN (CBS): John Goodman’s brain gets a new life in a bioengineered body (NAA: New, Advanced Anthropoid)

ONCE AND AGAIN (ABC): Two fortysomething divorces and their love lives (OAA: Oy, Another Angst-fest)

TIME AND AGAIN (MSNBC): Cobbled-together documentaries from archival NBC News footage (TAA: That’s All? Archives?)

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