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Your Money: Jun. 7, 1999

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Maryanne Murray Buechner

SAFETY NET Internet stocks took some nasty hits last week, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to leave the party. Net funds are still posting strong overall gains for ’99, and some analysts last week were saying that com stocks had hit bottom. Nerves still frayed? Salomon Smith Barney just introduced a bond (pegged to thestreet.com’s Net index) that lets you play the Net game with a little peace of mind. Minimum redemption upon maturity in 2006 is $9 on the $10 note, no matter how far the index drops. The flip side: if the bond is called in 2005, returns max out at $25 a pop.

POCKET CHANGE The Susan B. Anthony coin failed miserably in its mission to drive the dollar bill to extinction. But it has found a niche in recent years at stamp and vending machines and rail stations–so useful that the U.S. Mint has finally depleted reserves of the coin minted two decades ago. It will have to issue a final 1999 batch to meet demand before Susan B.’s replacement, the gold-colored Sacagawea, makes its debut early next year.

HOT WHEELS In the market for a new car? You might want to consult www.insure.com’s Auto Theft Risk Finder for a list of makes and models stolen most often in your state. Or if you’re planning a trip, you can see where your car might be most wanted. The site offers statistics on scores of metro areas (Miami had the worst record in 1997, with 1 of every 38 cars swiped). Buy a car with a high-theft risk where you live, and you could face a bigger insurance bill.

–By M.M. Buechner

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