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Notebook: Mar. 1, 1999

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Kathleen Adams, Harriet Barovick, Tam Gray, Daniel S. Levy, Lina Lofaro, David Spitz, Joel Stein, Flora Tartakovsky and Chris Taylor



BARBARA WALTERS Starr okays Lewinsky interview just in time for sweeps. Ten bucks says Babs will make her cry

GERONIMO PRATT L.A. D.A. drops 30-year case against Black Panther. Still working on that O.J. thing

RONALD REAGAN Tomatoes found to prevent cancer. Ketchup does count as a vegetable after all, Gipper!


CALVIN KLEIN Gets clobbered for ads of half-naked toddlers. Better cancel those plans for baby thongs

DAVID WELLS Yank pitches perfect game, wins World Series, sent to Canada. At least they have good beer there

NBC First Seinfeld and now Clooney. Who’s next, Kirstie Alley? Get ready for The ’80s mini-series

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