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Notebook: Feb. 9, 1998

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Maryanne Murray Buechner, Daniel Eisenberg, Jon Goldstein, Tam Gray, Nadya Labi, Michele Orecklin and Alain Sanders



JAY LENO The Tonight Show host’s Clintongate monologues are cruel, unfair–and riotously funny

JAYSON WILLIAMS Little-known good-guy New Jersey Nets rebounder wins a spot on the NBA All-Star team

ROBERT DUVALL Garners acclaim for new film about a man of faith in crisis


BILL MAHER The real scandal is that Politically Incorrect has remained so dull when Washington is so wild

DENNIS RODMAN Better-known antihero rebounder is snubbed for a spot on the same NBA All-Star squad

MARILYN MANSON Devil rocker’s tell-all book is far less shocking than TV news


Above and below the belt is the talk overseas beyond the Beltway

MEXICO “[Our] tradition tends to admire Don Juan presidents [and] such guerrillas of love as Pancho Villa and Che Guevara.” –Carlos Fuentes, Reforma

ARGENTINA “[Americans] are so puritanical that the immense majority are convinced that sex is dirty, ugly and sinful.” –Mempo Giardinelli, Pagina/12

FRANCE “…Americans ought to elect a Pope instead of a President. –Editorial, Le Figaro

GERMANY “What kind of country is it that daily drags its President through the mud because of basically absurd rubbish?” –Editorial, Aachener Nachrichten

ISRAEL “Perhaps personal moral traits, such as honesty and credibility, matter more than we thought, and we ought to return to expecting them from our elected leaders.” –Editorial, Jerusalem Post

EGYPT “Will Clinton direct a military attack against Iraq to distract attention away from his series of scandals?” –Headline, Al-Wafd

IRAQ “Let Clinton and his entourage drown in the scandal. And let us pursue the path of the great jihad for the complete lifting of the unjust sanctions.” –Editorial, Al-Qadissiya

NIGERIA “[W]e may have to [reinvent] the Soviet Union. If only to help the Americans get their act together.” –Mma Agbagha, Post Express

INDIA “We reserve our moral opprobrium for money-related scandals [instead of sex]. As our vast numbers indicate, sex isn’t in short supply; cash is…” –Editorial, Times of India

THAILAND “Great leaders are very good at sex: Cleopatra, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Mao Zedong. Clinton is also a capable leader, so it is normal for him to be very good at sex.” –A government spokesman

PHILIPPINES “Clinton may… not be on trial, but instead the merciless tactics of a media… drunk on power.” –Max Soliven, Philippine Star

AUSTRALIA “There has been quite a tradition of American feminists tolerating in their elected allies behaviour that would in other circumstances earn condemnation and even ostracism.” –Anne Summers, Sydney Morning Herald


2,450: Number of athletes who will travel to Nagano for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games

8,000: Estimated number of journalists who will travel to Nagano for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games

1999: Year possible NBC-TBS football league could begin

$200 million: Estimated losses incurred by now defunct USFL after three seasons (1983-86)

233,600: Number of blacks who left the Northeast from 1990 to 1996

368,800: Number of blacks who moved to the South from 1990 to 1996

287,400: Number of blacks who left the South between 1965 and 1970

900 million: Number of Valentine’s Day cards purchased annually

85: Percentage of Valentine cards purchased by women

47: Percentage of cards purchased the week before Valentine’s Day

Sources: CNN/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED; USA Today; SPORTS ILLUSTRATED; Population Reference Bureau; American Greetings

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