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SUEDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, GERMANY: “The fireman is raising the pressure in the boiler. First Clinton announced he would tighten sanctions, and now several Caribbean and Latin American nations have ((reportedly)) promised support for military intervention.”

L’UNITA, ITALY: “An invasion is unlikely. Sending in the Marines after a disastrous political and diplomatic zigzag is opposed by the Pentagon and State Department.”

TICO TIMES, COSTA RICA: “You don’t ((need)) a crystal ball to see that ((Clinton)) is planning to invade the benighted country of Haiti . . . Latin American opposition to unilateral U.S. intervention anywhere in the hemisphere is almost as automatic as it is heartfelt.”

WALL STREET JOURNAL, U.S.: “It would be a dropkick for a big U.S. invasion force to drive the army out of Port-au-Prince, but then . . . But then what?”

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