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Forward Spin: Feb. 24, 1992

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Janice Castro


Last week at least one voter poll showed Cuomo running ahead of Harkin, Kerrey and Brown. As soon as he’s ahead of Tsongas, Clinton and Bush, he’s really going to have to make up his mind.


A Desi Arnaz music video and album are out, featuring his performances on I Love Lucy. The Mambo Kings, featuring a Desi Arnaz character, is coming to the theaters. Look for a boom in bongo sales.


Hey! Even Father Guido Sarducci has concocted his own recipe for celebrity spaghetti sauce! Now, for tykes, Campbell’s is about to introduce Where’s Waldo? SpaghettiOs. Kids can find and devour the tiny hero and his tiny dog, Woof. Next: Bambi crackers.


The Democrats want to cut doctors’ fees, and the Republicans are going after lawyers’ fees. Watch out, Native Americans, the Indian chiefs maybe next.


Last year Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood won the release race against a competing movie about the Sherwood Forest hero, which was then downgraded to TV. Now two movies about Christopher Columbus are racing to the finish line, and a pair featuring Buddha are in the works. Seems like deja vu all over the place.


Democrat Richard Gephardt introduced the President’s economic legislation because the Republicans wouldn’t do it. Expect Democrats stumping for Bush on the campaign trail.

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