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PRODUCTS: Advance To Arbat

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To the barricades, comrades! The capitalists at Parker Brothers are launching an attack on the motherland — a Russian-language version of Monopoly. Although negotiations for the board game’s actual introduction into the Soviet Union are still under way, Monopoliia will be unveiled on Oct. 17 at the World Monopoly Championship in London. Instead of Boardwalk, players will land on Arbat, a pedestrian mall in Moscow where Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev strolled during the May summit. All references to stocks, which are not sold in the Soviet Union, have been changed to bonds. But the familiar tokens — the car, the dog, even the plutocrat’s top hat — remain the same, although a Russian bear will be added. Who knows? Another October Revolution may break out when Soviet citizens discover the joys of passing Go and collecting 200 rubles.

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