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18 Woman of the Year: President Corazon Aquino

The new Philippine leader came to power on a wing and a prayer, toppling one of the world’s most durable dictators as well as a whole volume of political assumptions. Her platform in a snap election was little more than faith, hope and charity. But after widespread voting fraud, the army revolted, and the masses went into the streets to back her in a demonstration of People Power. Once she was in office, the neophyte yet again confounded expectations with unanticipated toughness and political skill. In the process of both the revolution and her first year in office, she has restored the pride of her people and has become a hero for women around the world. Nonetheless, in ruling her troubled country, she still faces a myriad of problems, including a weak economy, restless armed forces and a Communist insurgency.


Decision to Challenge Marcos

As the reluctant candidate went through a crash course on campaign issues with advisers, she turned to prayer for help in making up her mind whether to run.


A Christmas Conversation

After ten months in office, Aquino reflects on life in power and also the people and events that most influenced her as she made her way to Malacanang Palace.


Others Who Stood in History’s Spotlight

White House Adviser Oliver North, Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev and South Africa’s Nelson and Winnie Mandela left their stamp on the year just past.



The Administration debates a plan to help Americans deal with catastrophic illness. — Furor over a racist attack in Queens.



! Student protests present Peking with a delicate dilemma. — In Moscow, Sakharov is as outspoken as ever. — Terror in the Mideast skies.


Economy & Business

In 1986 Americans could applaud disinflation and tax reform while savoring the woes of OPEC and Wall Street sharpies.



After a cocaine death, the Cleveland Browns quietly become the year’s football success story. — Notable runs, hits and errors of 1986.



Rabbit chic, imported restaurants, tax tremors, French cuisine back in style: odds and trends of the gustatory world.



The French film Therese is a serene and enthralling biography of a girl who lived and died for the love of Jesus. — The best of ’86.



In a move from the cerebral to the sensual, the year’s finest buildings and products exemplify a stunning new materialism.



From Alphabet to Zigzag, a shelf of season’s readings offers children the delights of seeing and learning. — The year’s ten best books.

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