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The Philippines: Fertilizer of His Country

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Imelda Marcos, the outspoken wife of the Philippines’ deposed President, is nothing if not determined to take her man home. But Ferdinand Marcos’ successor, Corazon Aquino, refuses to allow the 71-year-old former leader, who suffers from heart and lung ailments, to return dead or alive from exile in Hawaii.

That being so, Imelda told a Philippine newspaper, should her husband pass away she will have his body embalmed and put on display in Hawaii as a political statement and “an international spectacle.” There it would remain until 1992, the next presidential-election year. Then, under a presumably more lenient regime, she would take his remains home, have them cremated and scatter his ashes over the Philippines, she says, “to fertilize his country.”

Ferdinand would not be the first Marcos to be treated specially after death. His mother Josefa, who died last May at 95, was embalmed and remains on public display in her home village awaiting the Marcoses’ return, when she too will be interred.

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