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Verbatim: Feb. 5, 2007

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“Scooter Libby was to be sacrificed.”

THEODORE V. WELLS JR., lawyer for I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby Jr., Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, who faces five felony counts of lying to federal investigators, saying that Libby was a fall guy for key White House political adviser Karl Rove

“Bottles of perfume and deodorants were flying in the air like small rockets.”

ALI HUSSEIN, biologist, describing the scene surrounding two car bombs that exploded in a crowded Baghdad market, killing at least 88 people, one of the worst civilian bloodbaths since the war in Iraq began

“The right time to start is about 10 years ago.”

BEN BERNANKE, Federal Reserve Chairman, warning lawmakers that a failure to deal with the budgetary strains posed by an aging U.S. population could lead to serious economic harm

“I’ll feel even better to be the first black coach to hold up the world championship trophy.”

LOVIE SMITH, coach of the Chicago Bears, on becoming one of the first two African-American coaches to make it to the Super Bowl, an honor he shares with game-day opponent Tony Dungy, coach of the Indianapolis Colts

“The Lord has given me so much.”

JAMES WALLER, who was exonerated after his 1982 conviction for raping a boy was overturned due to DNA evidence–the 12th such case in Dallas County, Texas, since 2001–saying he is not angry about what happened to him

“The biggest problem is razor burn.”

STORMY DANIELS, an actress, writer and director of XXX films, about how the new high-definition format in pornography DVDs accentuates imperfections in the actors

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