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The Ana Log: Oct. 16, 2006

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Ana Marie Cox

TWO STEPS BACK, ONE STEP FORWARD Condoleezza Rice returns from a surprise visit to Iraq and announces that Iraqis are making progress. That contrasts with the widespread downbeat accounts. However, her plane’s landing in Baghdad was delayed for 45 minutes because of mortar fire–so maybe she missed the bad stuff.

TWO AMERICAS, TWO EDWARDSES Elizabeth Edwards’ book Saving Graces hits the best-seller list right out of the gate. Murmurs about a run for office abound. Hey, after surviving cancer, losing a race would be easy. What’s more, she is just as appealing as her husband John–and 30% less scripted.

BORN TO RUN Susan Ralston, top aide to Karl Rove, resigns after an investigation reveals multiple contacts with felonious hunk Jack Abramoff. Ralston, an ex-colleague of Abramoff’s, also accepted tickets to sporting events and concerts, including one by John Kerry– backer Bruce Springsteen. Her loyalties we can live with. But her musical taste betrayed her.

I KNOW YOU ARE, BUT WHAT AM I? The White House continues its push back against Bob Woodward’s State of Denial, claiming Woodward–often called the “court recorder” for his faithful transcription of fateful events–is a biased journalist with an agenda. If D.C. reporters weren’t so busy writing about how the Mark Foley affair tarnishes the entire G.O.P., they’d laugh even harder.

GEORGE ALLEN, WE MISS YOU Polls show that Virginia Senator George Allen has halted his slide. He’s now in a dead heat with his opponent. That foot in his mouth must keep him from saying anything even stupider. But the month is still young.

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