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Numbers: Oct. 16, 2006

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1 million Number of unexploded cluster bombs in southern Lebanon, which were dropped by Israel during its August war with Hizballah

650,000 Number of people who live in southern Lebanon

16% Increase in the number of Hummer SUVs sold last month compared with September 2005

$2.31 Average cost of a gallon of gas at the end of September, down from $3.07 a year ago

20 lbs. Average amount of weight gained during internment by Guantánamo Bay detainees, who receive a daily diet of 4,200 calories–1,200 more than the U.S. government recommends for a man to maintain his weight

410 lbs. Current weight of the heaviest prisoner–195 lbs. more than when he arrived in 2002

240 miles Distance Julianna Redd of Utah was driven by her parents on the eve of her August wedding to try to talk her out of marrying her fiancé. They were charged with kidnapping and will appear in court on Oct. 26

15 Years of imprisonment the parents could face if convicted. Their daughter married the man anyway

52% Proportion of Americans polled who admitted regifting presents or would do so in the future

4% Regifters who did so because they disliked the recipient

Sources: New York Times (2); USA Today; U.S. News & World Report; Associated Press (4); Reuters (2)

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