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Getting All Huffy Over the Hill

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Rebecca Winters Keegan

A Hillary Clinton presidential campaign ought to ignite some fiery dinner-table debates–and not just in Chappaqua, N.Y. Already, two Fox News faces with books due this month on the Senator’s election odds in 2008 can’t agree to disagree:

AUTHOR Blue-state shouter and law prof Susan Estrich

TITLE The Case for Hillary Clinton

HER TAKE It’s high time for a woman President and Clinton is the most qualified

FIGHTIN’ WORDS “Dick Morris doesn’t want to debate me. I think he’s afraid of me. I don’t blame him. He should be afraid.”

AUTHOR Former Bill Clinton pollster and chum Dick Morris

TITLE Condi vs. Hillary

HIS TAKE Hillary married her way to the top–self-starter Condoleezza Rice should be the U.S.’s first female President

FIGHTIN’ WORDS “My book and Susan’s have nothing to do with each other. Why debate? I don’t want the focus on Hillary.”

THE RESOLUTION: Put down your pens. Doesn’t everybody know that Geena Davis is already running the country?

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