Fans Gone Batty

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Jeninne Lee-St.John

As ballpark stunts go, the two naked guys romping around Tiger Stadium last week seemed wholesome compared with fans like Scott Harper, left, who could face a year in jail for his recent jump from Yankee Stadium’s upper deck onto the net behind home plate. Notebook looks into all the havoc. –By Jeninne Lee-St. John

1. What did Yankees owner George Steinbrenner say about Harper’s 40-ft. leap during a 2-1 loss two weeks ago?

A.”Hey, kids, don’t try this at home.”

B. “It’s New York. Anything can happen.”

C. “That was the only exciting thing that happened today.”

D. “I might jump too if we don’t make the play-offs.”

2. At a $2-ticket game in May, rowdy Dodgers fans reportedly caused chaos in each of these ways EXCEPT:

A. Shooting craps

B. Throwing rocks

C. Fighting over a beach ball

D. Breaking bobble heads

3. Nationals pitcher Liván Hernández last week refused to pay ransom for the glove he chucked into the stands after being pulled from a game. What was the mitt holder demanding?

A. A lifetime supply of free beer at Nationals home games

B. Season tickets, play-off seats and $18,000

C. A shot at the big leagues

D. A night on the town with Screech, the Nationals mascot

4. Cubs fan Steve Bartman was merely reviled for his role in the team’s 2003 play-offs defeat, but the ball he tried to grab met all of these fates EXCEPT:

A. Fed to a billy goat

B. Boiled in beer

C. Made into pasta sauce

D. Publicly blown up

5. Fans went wild two years in a row when the Kansas City Royals played the White Sox in Chicago. A father and son beat up a coach in 2002, and an umpire was attacked the next spring. How did the ump explain the bad karma?

A. “Someone let the dogs out.”

B. “I guess he didn’t like the call.”

C. “It was a full moon out there.”

D. “We’re not in Kansas City anymore.”

Answers: 1-C; 2-D; 3-B; 4-A; 5-C

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