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Q&A Jada Pinkett Smith

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Rebecca Winters

Jada Pinkett Smith is Gloria the Hippo in the upcoming film Madagascar and the singer in her band Wicked Wisdom, which tours this summer.

You’re not the first actress I think of to voice a massive amphibious mammal.

I just thought Gloria had a great attitude. She’s very loyal. She’s a take-charge kind of a girl. She can handle herself with all the boys. That would describe certain aspects of who I am.

How did you feel when a gay student group at Harvard called you “hetero-normative” for saying women can have both a devoted husband and a great career?

That’s what college students are supposed to do, raise questions.

You’re in movies and a band, you wrote a book, and your husband Will Smith is always gushing about you. I kind of want to throw something at you.

I still have my days of doubt.

Bad habits?

I don’t eat very pretty or drink very pretty. I’m not real refined in that way.

You and Tom Cruise are pals. Is he looking for his own Jada?

Tom is looking for someone to love him as hard as all the love he has inside. Tom knows me very well. I’d be very shocked if he was looking for his own Jada. Nooooo.

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