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Letters: Hail Mary, Full of Grace

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“Hail, Mary” was a splendid analysis of a development in spirituality that goes profoundly beyond the goddess fad that has captured our imaginations for years [March 21]. The piety and deepest consciousness of a human being seek a feminine face, especially in a world whose cultures are saturated with patriarchy. Thank you for helping to rescue Mary from passive neglect.
(The Rev.) Marvin E. Repinski
Austin, Minnesota, U.S.

Although I am Jewish, I have statues of Mary around my home and don’t in the least feel any conflict with religious doctrine. I regard Mary as a symbol not of religion but of ideal motherhood. Mary provides solace, unconditional acceptance and love, and a spiritual, nondenominational sanctuary from life’s madness.
Judi Laing
Los Angeles

The Protestant acceptance of Mary reflects a long-held Roman Catholic feeling that God the Father also has a feminine side. It is humanity’s longing for a parent God who is not only a father but also a mother. The Marian movement among Protestants is very welcome. It represents an openness. Perhaps it will not be very long before all of humanity, including fundamentalists who terrorize in the name of religion, realize that religious faiths may have different names but they all contain essentially the same truths.
Samuel J. Yap
Batangas, the Philippines

It was wonderful to see Mary on TIME’s cover. She is humanity’s greatest friend and intercessor but never takes or shares the place of Jesus. Discussing her role as intercessor, however, without mentioning her apparitions and the miracles associated with her at Fatima, Lourdes, Guadalupe, etc., is akin to discussing Christ without mentioning his Passion.
Frank Buono
New York City

It seems that far too often you feature major stories about religious practices, religious politicians and religious businesses. Please, stick to real news reporting and leave the proselytizing to faith-based publications.
Robert Goldware
San Francisco

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