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In Gear: Little Speed Demons

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Carole Buia

Is your child antsy for the 2002 X Games to start this week? You might want to develop some extreme-sports chops with these miniaturized, slightly safer versions of the big kids’ equipment. We asked a small group of 4- to 10-year-olds for their “expert” views on three of the latest hot wheels.

Razor’s Scream Machine, $99

The deal A metallic version of the low-riding ’70s Big Wheel tricycle, it still has those plastic back wheels for better skidding on concrete and asphalt.

The experts The favorite for its lightweight frame, ease of maneuvering and, most of all, superspeed.

Fisher-Price All Terrain Switchboard, $39.99

The deal This oversize skateboard has a handle for learning to balance, which can then be locked down for mastering the finer techniques.

The experts The group liked its look, feel and decent speed, but younger kids found it heavy and had little patience for learning to turn and balance.

Diggler’s Dirt-Doggy, $125

The deal A pint-size version of the off-road mountain scooters found in ski resorts, it comes in metallic blue or burgundy chrome, has front and rear breaks and an oversize skateboard platform.

The experts While its snazzy look was an initial magnet, younger kids found it heavy and difficult to maneuver. –C. B.

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