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Notebook: Aug. 13, 2001

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Melissa August, Amanda Bower, Beau Briese, Rhett Butler, Belinda Luscombe, Ellin Martens, Andrea Sachs, Ryan Schick, Sora Song, Heather Won Tesoriero and Kadesha Thomas



WHITNEY HOUSTON Diva floats to top of the charts with $100 mil contract. Now all she needs is a couple of hits

CHARLIE NORWOOD G.O.P. Rep. cuts patients’-rights deal with W. Dem pals squawk. Jealous because he’s the Man?

GM Design-blind corp. hires Bob Lutz, Chrysler vision guy (Viper, PT Cruiser) to up cool quotient


MARY SHEILA GALL Bush choice for Consumer Prod Commish nixed by feisty Dems. (And please, recall the hairband)

TIMOTHY BOTTOMS Gig is up as Prez after Comedy Central axes That’s My Bush. We’re stuck with Will Ferrell

GE We bring goo things to life! Loses war with EPA; must clean up Hudson River sludge

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