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News Quiz Jul. 30, 2001

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Harriet Barovick, Ann Marie Bonardi, Beau Briese, Rhett Butler, Christina Lewis, Ellin Martens, Benjamin Nugent, Ryan Schick, Heather Won Tesoriero and Kadesha Thomas

1. Rep. Jim Kolbe’s Legal Tender Modernization Act would:

a) create long-lasting Lycra bucks b) eliminate the penny c) put Pikachu on the $13 bill d) print prefolded bills for more efficient g-string tipping

2. First Lady Laura Bush is smiling because:

a) she’s pretending to prop up Pisa’s leaning tower b) the Washington Monument never lets her do this in public c) she thought, “To my daughter Jenna, this tower isn’t leaning at all!”

3. Donald Trump will call his planned world’s tallest building:

a) the Overcompensation Tower b) Loogie Center c) Trump Tower Chicago d) the Model-Nailin’ Suites e) Trumpy McTrumperson’s Trump Trump

4. Jails in Genoa, Italy, were emptied because:

a) of the signora-goosing amnesty program b) they needed space for protesters c) Prime Minister candidates needed time to campaign d) the stench of imprisoned Italian men–mama mia!

5. New IOC president Jacques Rogge’s nickname is:

a) the Javelin Pirate b) Mr. Clean c) the Belgian Waffler d) Dr. Blooddope e) Ol’ Bribey f) Shoeless Jacques

ANSWERS: 1-b, 2-a, 3-c, 4-b, 5-b

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