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Stewards of the Aquitania were especially attentive to the comforts of President George M. Gales of Louis K. Liggett Co. (chain drug stores) when he sailed from Manhattan last week. He looked important; he was; his company owns the chain of 800 respectable Boots Cash Chemists Shops in England. Englishmen like him because he has not attempted to Americanize the chain.

Boots Cash Chemists Shops, founded by Sir Jesse Boot, Baronet, 31 years ago maintain the flavors of forgotten apothecaries. Although their salespersons sell a variety of trinkets, knicknacks, whatnots, folderols, and hygienic equipment dexterously, they can also rub a powder down with mortar and pestle, fill a capsule, roll a pill, brew an effusion. Nineteen out of twenty Boots employees have never worked elsewhere. Employees of U. S. chain drug stores constantly shift their jobs.

Liggett’s President Gales, going to England to examine his Boots stores appreciated this employment condition. Said he: “We have made no effort and shall make none to Americanize the British stores. Even if we wished to, we wouldn’t be able to send our men over there to run their stores. We need all the good men we can get here. We only exchange visits and ideas.”*

*On like bent 25 German druggists reached Manhattan last week on the North German Lloyd Liner Muenchen.

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