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Business: Armour Honor

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Recently Mrs. Jonathan Ogden Armour, widow of the packer who died at the Carlton, London (TIME, Aug. 29), spoke of a great family’s honor and of her decision to wipe out $18,000,000 of claims that had accumulated against his estate. Said she then:

“I will say this, that my own upbringing in New England was of so strict a nature that to me a debt is hateful. I would not rest, and I know my husband could not in his grave, if he knew others were suffering because of investment in anything for which he was even indirectly responsible. . . .

“There is not to be a single suspicion of a shadow on the name of my husband, and my daughter’s* father. No sacrifice would be too great for that. . . .

“We don’t want any one to suffer and we want justice done. Mrs. Mitchell and I are in a position to clear off every dollar charged against Mr. Armour and we are going to do so as soon as a few legal formalities can be arranged.”

Last week the “few legal formalities” were concluded, and no bar remained to throw its shadow across the Armour honor.

*Wife of John J. Mitchell Jr., whose parents were killed last October in a motor accident near Chicago (TIME, Nov. 7). John J. Mitchell Sr. was chairman of the Illinois Merchants Trust Co.

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