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NEW BOOKS: New Genre

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The following books, economically, politically, historically or biographically related to Foreign News, have recently been published in the U. S.:

New Genre THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING NATIONS−G. W. Morris and L. S. Wood−Oxford University Press ($1.50). An ideal, if limited, text book on the rise of the British Empire with a chapter on the U. S. Obviously a “young people’s” book; but, because it is simple, direct, treats of principles rather than facts, it is of unusual interest and a new and better genre of history.


THINGS I SHOULDN’T TELL−Anonymous−Lippincott ($4.50). Considerably more amusing than Uncensored Recollections (TIME, Sept. 1), the “author’s” previous book, and written with less bad taste. Not important, but incurably intriguing, piquant and therefore interesting, like all gossipy books about the famed and the near-famed.

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