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The Trotzky Trot

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Leon Trotzky, Bolshevik ex-War Lord, man of many parts, may know what part he plays at present. But, last week, he led the press of the world a merry dance, guessing which it was. The following are brief synopses of the week’s successive reports concerning him:

“Trotzky was slain, his body destroyed.”

“Trotzky escaped from the Caucasus; whereabouts unknown.”

“Trotzky was alive and well, busily employed in writing at Suchum in the Caucasus.”

“Trotzky was killed−executed by order of Grigori Zinoviev, the big bull of Bolshevism.”

“Commissar Rykov, chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars, of-fered Trotzky a high place in the Bolshevik Government.”

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