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Foreign News: Jubaland

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Having reached an understanding with Premier MacDonald of Britain on the subject of a cession by Britain to Italy of Jubaland, Premier Benito sent experts to London to settle the precise terms of the agreement.

Jubaland is part of British East Africa and, according to the terms of the Treaty of London (1915), under which Italy agreed to enter the War on the side of the Allies, Britain and France agreed to compensate Italy should they extend their territorial interests on the African continent.

At the Paris Peace Conference, Lord Milner offered to cede part of Jubaland to Italy and thus enlarge Italian Somaliland. The offer was accepted by able Signor Tommaso Tittoni, but with a reservation in favor of “greater extension of territory in Jubaland.”

Prolonged sporadic discussions followed. Britain agreed to cede a larger portion of her holding in East Africa, if Italy would accept the adjustment as final settlement of all issues, affecting Italy, that were raised at the Peace Conference. It was this final British condition that delayed Jubaland negotiations to the present date.

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