How to Break Bad

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Eric Dodds

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After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, blackmails former student Jesse into cooking crystal meth with him

Commits his first murders, killing one meth distributor with poisonous phosphine gas and another by strangling him


Attempts to poison Tuco with ricin after the sadistic cartel leader kidnaps him and Jesse

Allows Jesse’s heroin-addict girlfriend Jane to choke to death on her own vomit after an overdose

Accidentally reveals to his wife Skyler that he has a second cell phone, which ultimately leads to her discovery of his criminal activity


Drives his Pontiac Aztek over a pair of drug dealers before Jesse can attempt to shoot them

Orders Jesse to kill Gale, the chemist who was being groomed to replace Walt in Gus Fring’s crystal-meth superlab

Tells a fearful Skyler after she expresses concern for his safety, “I am the danger”


In an attempt to regain Jesse’s loyalty, poisons the son of Jesse’s girlfriend with lily of the valley and frames Gus for the crime; the child nearly dies

Straps a bomb to the wheelchair of one of Gus’ enemies, who detonates it in a nursing home, killing Gus

Brings Jesse to his house for what becomes perhaps the most awkward family dinner in television history


After new associate Todd kills a child, helps cover up the murder and teaches Todd to cook crystal meth

Murders former partner Mike after Mike refuses to divulge the identity of his imprisoned associates

Uses Todd’s contacts in a white-supremacist group to orchestrate the murders of the 10 men in prison who would be able to connect him and others to their meth operation

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