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Bull or Bully?

Taking sides over Chicago’s brash mayor

Your article on Rahm Emanuel was very informative, but the photos were one-sided [June 10]. Out of five photos, four were violence-related. Where is the photo of the community colleges that teach real-world job training? Of Rahm and the CEO of United Airlines? And of the classroom clock that shows students are attending school for a longer day?


While I am sure Emanuel has the best of intentions, it is his abrasive style that is causing dismay among his critics and fans alike. Your question “So why are people mad at him?” becomes rhetorical when you consider the nickname his detractors commonly use: Chicago Bully.


As a Chicagoan, I can say with great certitude that the 30,000 soon-to-be-displaced public-school students who will be forced to traverse gang territory to get to already overcrowded and underfunded schools would beg to differ with your portrayal of Emanuel as a dispassionate man of reason. He is as concerned about the poor children of our city as he is about transparency and ethics in governing. Which is to say, not in the least.

Edward Juillard, CHICAGO

Michael Grunwald raises important questions about the validity of tax-exempt organizations [“One Nation, Tax Exempt,” June 10], but he misses the core reason many of these groups are rife with abuse: they have no constituency. No one owns a nonprofit, so there are no annual meetings, no process for change and no one to report to–other than the IRS. Of course they make a “profit,” but special accounting rules make that inconvenient word disappear. Clubby nonprofit boards fail to hold management accountable. Is it a surprise that many executives take out millions in compensation?

Brian Barbata, KAILUA, HAWAII

Readers around the world are shocked at the loss of life caused by tornadoes in the U.S.–especially where disaster is prone to occur [“16 Minutes,” June 3]. Why are there no laws in the U.S. requiring every house in such exposed areas to have storm shelters?


Rich Lowry’s “Obama’s Power Outage” is an example of why President Obama’s agenda is stalling [June 3]. Lowry omits facts: Instead of voting on jobs, John Boehner and his fellow Republicans have voted 37 times to defund or repeal Obamacare. In the Senate, hundreds of bills and appointees have been filibustered. The Republicans are trying to defeat Obama rather than improve the country.

Tom Minnerick, ELGIN, ILL.

In “The End of Alimony” [may 27], Rose Carbone is quoted as saying, “Permanent alimony is slavery. It’s worse than slavery.” I am appalled at the analogy and Time magazine’s choice to include it.

Josephine Hall, NORTH MASSAPEQUA, N.Y.

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