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Cinema: No More Hay

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What shocked Colorado’s moviegoing Senator Edwin C. Johnson most was the way RKO, in publicizing Stromboli, had made hay out of the Bergman-Rossellini romance—e.g., the torrid ads promising “Raging Passions . . . This is it! . . . Bergman . . . under the inspired direction of Rossellini.” To halt further public exploitation of Hollywood’s moral lapses, Johnson introduced a Senate bill which in effect called for the Government to police the off-screen behavior of all motion picture performers (TIME, March 27).

Senator Johnson shelved his unpopular bill when moviemen promised stricter regulations. Last week, at a meeting in Manhattan, a chastened Motion Picture Association of America announced that it had added a new section to its advertising code of ethics: “No text or illustration shall be used which capitalizes, directly or by implication, upon misconduct of a person connected with a motion picture thus advertised.”

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