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Milestones, Jul. 3, 1950

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Married. Georges Simenon, 47, prolific (more than 350 books) Belgian-born French novelist now living in California; and Denise Ouimet, 30, his secretary; he for the second time; in Reno, the day after his divorce (after 27 years of marriage, one son) from Regine Simenon, 50.

Marriage Revealed. Lena Horne, 32, sultry-voiced café au lait nightclub and cinema songstress (Words and Music); and Lennie Hayton, 42, onetime M-G-M music director; both for the second time; in Paris, in December 1947.

Died. Peyton Boswell Jr., 45, editor and publisher of the twice-monthly Art Digest, biographer of Painters Henry Varnum Poor and George Bellows; of a heart ailment; in Malverne, N.Y.

Died. Jane Cowl, 65, oldtime glamorous Broadway star (Romeo and Juliet) turned Hollywood character actress (The Secret Fury), playwright (coauthor of such hits as Smilin’ Through and Lilac Time), wartime co-director of Manhattan’s Stage Door Canteen; of cancer; in Santa Monica, Calif.

Died. Charles Lanier Lawrance, 67, pioneering designer of air-cooled airplane engines, including the 200 h.p. Wright Whirlwind that powered Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis; of a heart ailment; in East Islip, N.Y. Taking little credit for his achievements, Lawrance once modestly asked: “Who ever heard the name of Paul Revere’s horse?”

Died. Max Radin, 70, Polish-born legal scholar, longtime (1919-48) teacher of law at the University of California; in Oakland. An outspoken Brandeisian liberal, good friend of New Deal Legalists Felix Frankfurter and Thurman Arnold, Radin once said: “The law is not a bag of tricks that any fool can learn and any rascal can apply, but an attempt at coordinating the methods by which some social mechanism can enforce right dealing between man and man.”

Died. Samuel Simeon Fels, 90, president of Fels & Co. (Fels-Naptha soap), which his father and brother founded in 1881, philanthropist (an estimated $40 million for good works, including Philadelphia’s Fels Planetarium) and optimist (“Nature has a great purpose in view for us”); in Philadelphia. Single Taxer and New Dealer Fels advocated Government control of hours, wages and profits in his 1933 book, This Changing World.

Died. Ella Florence Underwood, 100, last surviving member of the Oneida Community, a financially successful communal settlement (Oneida Silver) which practiced both promiscuity within its own group and stirpiculture; of a heart attack; near Oneida, N.Y.

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