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Radio: Numbers Game

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Last week the television industry looked up from its crystal ball and spoke of the future in big, bold terms:

¶In Syracuse, N.Y., a spokesman for General Electric predicted that by 1954 more than 500 TV stations (there are now 105) would be telecasting to more than 34 million TV sets (there are now over 6,000,000).

¶ In Princeton, NJ., Pollster George Gallup figured that more than six out of every ten U.S. adults (or nearly 60 million people) have now seen a TV show.

¶ In Washington, the Federal Communications Commission authorized the American Telephone & Telegraph Co. to link the east and west coasts with the first transcontinental TV circuit. In addition to the coaxial cable, A.T. & T. will build 55 microwave relay stations between Omaha and San Francisco. Until the $37 million circuit is completed in 1952, east and west will see each other’s programs only on milky TV recordings.

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