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Every week from Washington, D.C. scores of Multigraphed “news letters” flow out, full of capitalized warnings, uncheckable rumors and cryptic prophecies on political and economic things to come. Last week in the Nation, Associate Editor Robert Bendiner (TIME, April 17), with tongue in cheek, put out his own news letter. Samples:


Look for RISE in unemployment . . . directly related to increased joblessness . . . There will be NO WAR with Russia this week . . . Pulp shipments from Siberia to Moscow are 37 per cent less than required for paper work necessary to launch a major conflict. . . Taxes: House Ways and Means Committee plans to repeal excise on baby oil and powder . . . Babies are already turning to light machine oil, affecting YOUR fall investment plans . . . Expect SOME strikes in the next 30-60-90 days. . . Taft-Hartley Act generally effective except in coal, autos, telephone, shipping, railroads, printing, electric, textiles, building trades, clothing, aircraft, farm equipment, retail business, steel, and white-collar occupations . . . General Eisenhower WILL RUN in ’52—if the time is ripe, his wife approves, the stars favor him, the Democrats fold up, and the Republicans give him the nomination . . .”

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