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It takes nine tailors to make a man, says the old saw, and at least seven suits to make a well-dressed one, say the tailors. With clothes rationing dead for more than a year, London’s Savile Row tailors last week issued a stern manifesto declaring that a different suit for each day of the week was an absolute minimum for the well-dressed man; in fact, added the statement from the trade paper Tailor and Cutter, eight was better than seven—to break the dreadful monotony of turning up each Monday in the same old tweed and each Thursday in the houndstooth check.

Only in the matter of handkerchiefs were London’s arbiters of gentlemanly elegance inclined to be lenient. Of course two handkerchiefs a day (“one to show, one to blow”) was still the ironclad rule, but in a pinch, Savile Row’s spokesmen agreed, a hard-pressed gentleman might be forgiven for using yesterday’s shower for today’s blower.

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