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GOODS & SERVICES: New Ideas, Jul. 13, 1953

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Hydraulic Starter. A hydraulicdevice to replace electric starters for all kinds of engines was demonstrated by Hydramotive, Inc. of Cleveland. The company is already making one model for starting diesel engines up to 1,200 h.p. ($1,000), another for starting diesel and gasoline engines up to 400 h.p. ($260), plans to begin production soon on an automotive model (which would store up pressure while the engine was running) and which would be priced competitively with conventional starters.

Winter Dacron. First wrinkle-resistant dacron-and-wool suits and topcoats for spring, fall and winter wear will be brought out this fall by Manhattan’s Witty Brothers, first manufacturer to make 100% dacron summer suits (TIME, May 12, 1952). Dacron content will range from 35-70% depending on whether it is blended with flannel, gabardine or worsted. Price: $95.

Nylon Tires. Three tire companies—Firestone, Goodrich and U.S. Rubber—announced their first nylon cord tires (Goodyear has had one since April). Firestone’s is the first tubeless nylon tire, while Goodrich brought out a nylon truck tire, with a tread 46% thicker than usual, which it says will last up to 100,000 miles. U.S. Rubber claims its nylon passenger tire has 95% more bruise resistance than standard tires. Prices run 6% to 15% higher than regular tire lines.

Glass Chewy. Chevrolet’s sports “Corvette,” G.M.’s first car with a Fiberglas body, came off the assembly line last week. Production this year will reach 50 a month, next year 1,000 a month. Price: $3,250

Air Deliveries. United Parcel Service, which operates a fleet of more than 4,000 vehicles in 13 cities, started a coast-to-coast air parcel service from Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York on scheduled airlines. Cost of a 10-lb. shipment from Los Angeles to New York: $3.10, less than half the rate for either air parcel post or air express.

Chemical Hoe. A new chemical spray called Alanap (N -I naphthyl phthalamic acid) that kills weeds and crabgrass before they emerge from the soil, but spares farm crops and grass, was announced by U.S. Rubber Co. One to three pounds an acre is sufficient to control weeds among row crops for three to eight weeks. Price: about $3 a lb.

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