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U.S. At War: Best Mission

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In Chungking, whence he flew fortnight ago with a staff of 13 production experts, ex-WPBoss Donald Nelson was busy setting up a WPB for Chiang Kaishek. Every few days he took time out from his labors to issue enthusiastic bulletins: he had not struck a single snag so far; his goal is to double China’s war production in six months. Finally he just came right out and said flatly: “This will be the best mission that ever came to China.”

At home, Don Nelson won the enthusiastic approval of his boss. Franklin Roosevelt announced that henceforth Donald Nelson would be his special representative, with Cabinet rank. He would have the right to sit in on Cabinet meetings, could demand any information from any Government bureau.

With a sudden rush, everything was put in readiness for Nelson’s return. On the fourth floor of the grey State Department Building, a small staff and an adequate supply of office furniture was accumulated—all on the White House budget. As soon as Nelson could break away from Chungking, he would hurry back for another Presidential assignment—possibly to Moscow, where he achieved a personal triumph last year.

It seemed that the once easygoing boss of WPB had become Franklin Roosevelt’s favorite emissary.

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