10 Questions for Anna Paquin

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Anna Paquin

Why do you think people are so fascinated with vampire stories? Enrique Feliciano, SAN JUAN, P.R.
I honestly don’t know. I get asked that a lot. I wish I had a really great answer. They’re usually portrayed as being sexy and kind of dangerous. But I don’t really know.

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You’ve worked in both film and television. Which industry do you enjoy more? Stephanie Kadlicko, AMES, IOWA
I like both. The way HBO shoots — the way the stories are structured and the attention to detail — is like in film. So there’s very little difference. I get to go to more places with my character than I would in a two-hour film. That’s really exciting, creatively speaking.

I know people usually ask what the perks are of working alongside your fiancé Stephen Moyer. But what do you like least about working with him? Okimasi Takim, ST. PAUL, MINN.
[Laughs.] There’s nothing I don’t like about it. So I guess that’s the answer.

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Why did you choose this year to come out and proclaim your bisexuality? Maribel Barton, TEWKSBURY, N.J.
Well, I was asked to participate in a public-service announcement. It’s a cause I care deeply about, and it was just the right timing.

True Blood ‘s Deep South setting contributes to the show’s sense of danger. Do you think it would work as well in a cosmopolitan setting? Jordan Dittloff, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
I don’t know if it necessarily has to be the South, but I feel like the small-town ruralness of it is quite important to the story. It isolates the people from bigger, scarier things than vampires and werewolves. As far as a storytelling device, it works well because there’s a reason why all these characters happen to know each other. They’ve all grown up together.

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What lessons do you still cherish from your work in The Piano ? Any fond memories? Luca Zanzi, ALLSTON, MASS.
Specific memories are a little blurry. It was almost 19 years ago. Working with Holly Hunter and Jane Campion will always be an important experience to me because those were the people who taught me how to do what I do. I didn’t have any idea. You couldn’t possibly ask for a more incredible first-time experience as far as acting, let alone the fact that they were women. It was a really amazing way to kick-start it all.

Where did you keep your Oscar as a child, and where do you keep it now? Paul Susuico, AUSTIN, TEXAS
Sock drawer, closet. I didn’t really want to have it out on display. It felt a bit ostentatious and sort of “Look at me, look at me,” which isn’t really my thing. So I tucked it away. It’s now in my vanity, the thing with the mirror and the makeup.

Stephen has spoken about how both of you are into boxing. How did you get interested in the sport? Lynn Dougherty, SANTA MONICA, CALIF.
I was in New York, probably six or seven years ago, and I just decided one morning that I wanted to learn how to box. It’s mentally and physically engaging. Plus the visceral energy at a boxing match is insane. I love it. We go a lot. HBO does all the fights. We’ve got a really good hookup.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to the Anna of 10 years ago? Shadaliza Monterosa, FLORENCE, ITALY
I don’t really pretend to have anything particularly figured out. I’m just living my life as it comes. I guess whatever I did in the past got me here, so it was probably O.K.

How do you feel about all the extra attention from paparazzi since the show started? Tiffany Stockton, LAS VEGAS
That’s just part of the culture surrounding the entertainment industry now. I think there’s probably more interesting things to do with your time than watch me walk my dogs. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

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