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The news last month that Larry David’s hit HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm would return in 2011 for an eighth misanthropic season sent millions of twisted hearts soaring. For those who can’t wait, the TV Guide Network will air the entire series starting June 2 — along with a segment featuring celebrity panelists dissecting the moral muddles from each episode hosted by series regular Susie Essman. David talked to TIME about friends, irritations and whom he aims to offend next season.

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What’s been irking you in the last 24 hours?


Good one, but, too self-referential. What else?

Republicans. They always irk me, so that’s a constant. Besides that, the length of my sneaker laces — they are making them much longer than they used to. What is that? There’s a lot of excess and I cannot figure it out. You’re going into double knots that are impossible to open. And it’s a tough thing to remember to buy. You’ll make a mental note — change the sneaker laces — but you’ll never do it.

So after your Seinfeld reunion last year, have you thought about bringing together another show, perhaps The Sopranos or Friends .

You’re kinda funny. Yah, we’re doing a Friends reunion on Curb this year. Absolutely.

Are your friends calling up looking for guest spots next season?

I don’t have many friends. So no.

Let me rephrase: have any acquaintances called you for guest spots?

Acquaintances cannot call. That’s why they are acquaintances.

Comedy Central received threats from Muslim extremists for a South Park episode. Is that a concern of yours? Or a goal?

You’re really touching a nerve here. Thank God I haven’t come up with a funny Muslim premise. Because I would probably have to do it. I’m glad that I haven’t. And don’t give me any.

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Do you use Twitter?


I can imagine Twitter annoying you, will you hit on that theme?

I would like to. Yah, but I don’t like to hit on too many of the things I want to do.

And you have mentioned a Toyota Prius possibility, is that show still viable?

I think there is an episode about the car.

And knowing how secretive about your storylines —

Why wouldn’t I be? What’s the upside of telling you?

It gets people talking about it and excited, they might say, ‘this is the Prius episode tonight!’

Nah, I’ve never quite understood that. Sometimes they’ll show you a preview for a movie on television — and then what’s the point of going? You know the whole thing!

That would be a bad preview, a good tease makes you want it all the more.

Really? If they did previews today for Gone With the Wind you’d have Clark Gable telling Vivian Leigh ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn’ and then leaving her at the end. All in the preview.

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If HBO hadn’t been up for another season, would you have considered going to the Oprah Winfrey Network?

No. If HBO didn’t want to do the show I would take that as a sign that I shouldn’t being doing it.

You originally called the show Curb Your Enthusiasm to keep people’s expectations post- Seinfeld to a minimum. After eight seasons, shouldn’t you change the title right now? Perhaps More Than Exceeded Expectations would be more appropriate.

There’s double meaning. There’s that. And also people should keep enthusiasm curbed in their lives. Always keep it. To not is unattractive. It’s unseemly.

Have you found the TV Guide Network yet to watch your episodes?

No, I have no idea where it is. I’d like to find out before the series starts. I should be able to call someone from the network who will at least give me the channel number.

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